The Nightmare... Less a village, more a territory teetering between two planes of existence, the living and the dead. One moon hovers over for each plane. Anything can happen in this world. Two moons, one sky, one destiny.
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The Nightmare is Dissolved
Fri Apr 17, 2009 1:11 pm by ZeroVenkage
So it is, so it shall be then.

((this is kham... I got rid of the big giant red fuck you post because the huge pic was really annoying, it moved the entire page over like 10 inches))

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 The Classroom-Helpful Hint's on RPing

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Aeon Revorse

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PostSubject: The Classroom-Helpful Hint's on RPing   Wed Aug 13, 2008 12:00 pm

In the litte Classroom I will talk about a few things that are VERY important to know

Class today we will be talking about "Auto Hit"
Auto Hitting is a term used to describe when a character automatically hits another player. Hence the term "auto" The reason this is bad is because it doesnt allow the oppenent to launch a counter attack. Generally this isnt a BIG problem if it is a small jab or kick but when things like chopping heads off or ripping holes through people occur a term I like to call "Auto-Kills" occur. It takes away from the enjoyment of the game. A ninja should have a chance to retaliate even if the chance is small

Ok moving on "Auto Defense"
Auto-Defense is similar to Auto-Attack but it is defense. For example say I toss a Kunai at an enemy. In natural response they would dodge. But say for the next 5 turns they block all my attacks without explanations...this would get iratating correct? This is what as known as "Auto-Defense" When a character constantly dodges moves regardless of what has been previously posted. Also a side note. Say if your attacked on your legs or sides..or the battle has gone on for a long period of time..Take note these things will affect you abilites to dodge and even attack for that matter.

The Chakra System
The Chakra System is the basis of all Ninjutsu and Genjustu as well as a load of other cool techniques. MOST IMPORTANTLY this site doesn't have a set Chakra System we play by an "Honor System" of sort. We hold you responsible for keeping track of you chakra wheter in the real world or in-game as I do ((Example: Chakra Flow 4/4 100%)) Now when using things such as channeling small amount's of chakra to body parts, we dont expect it to drain much chakra but Channel Chakra to your whole body like "Rotation" we expect it to use a bit more UNLESS an ability of your states otherwise. Same with Jutsu. When using a stronger Jutsu it's natural to use more Chakra than with a smaller Jutsu.

Dealing with "Auto-Offenders"
Well ideally you ask them to stop in the most polite way possible. If the problem persist, ask them if they don't understand the concept. If they are just plain ignorant. Stop posting with them...refer to one of the higher ups.
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PostSubject: Re: The Classroom-Helpful Hint's on RPing   Wed Aug 13, 2008 9:06 pm



now... a god....hack has a very simple meaning

god... a being with the power over everything without competition

hack...a wayaround things so that their is no way out

making the term GOD-HACK a move in this particualr RP when used their is no way around it... now lets look at an example

Zeros Dodecagram

whether he likes it or not that Dodecaram is a god hack... it stops everything and gives zero contol over everything... their is no way to avoid this move when used and when it is used you cant do shit about it

another example
L's Void

the void is a move that has no escape and when your in it your in it and their is nothing you can do about it when L uses this void he can negate all of your moves and perhaps instant kill you this move is an indeed god hack

now a god hack does not always have to be a move or a jutsu it can be a kekei genkai lets take our new member Jensai's kekei genkai for example

it gives him the power over everything....
that is a god hack for obviouis reasons


god hacking is strictly phrohibited godhackers will be banned accordingly and when you godhack it makes things not fun... whats worse about godhacking other than the act itself is that it goes hand in hand with auto hitting another one of our strict moves its most likely an auto kill


IGNORE THEM!!!!! that is the best solution... do not entertain a god hacker when you spot godhacking moves REPORT IT TO THE HIGHER UPS!!! and we will deal with them accordingly

use the jutsu screening to see if your move is a god hack and use this guide to god hacking to call yourself before you god hack

their are none....

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PostSubject: Re: The Classroom-Helpful Hint's on RPing   Wed Aug 13, 2008 9:37 pm

Power Acceptance is probably the hardest thing to do as an RPer....

Power Acceptance is probably the widest and most common repeated problem other than Auto Hitting in Rping

Lets Start off with an Example

Kham vs Tazuki (no offense taz)

now... we all know that Tazuki is a genin... and she can stand no match to kham because of that fact... and kham is a kage...

now... lets say they fought and kham hit tazuki with the all to familiar "greatest impact" and lets say taz blocked it with a kunai...

now their are accouple wrong things with this situation one is that taz is a genin and does not posses enough force to stop the "greatest impact" and even if their was a chance that she could their is no way that she posses enough mass to stop a punch going at seismic speeds

the second problem... is that taz does not have super human strenght to stop the greatest impact to there fore she could not... so it is taz's responsibility to accept the fact that kham is stronger than her and find another way to dodge the punch


naruto (genin) vs Kakashi (shippuden)

if naruto decided to punch kakashi kakashi can stop this punch with a kunai... and perhapd even a finger... because he is a jounin that is pretty strong

now if kakashi decided to raikiri naruto and naruto blocked it.... that would be a violation of the un written power acceptance rule

an example that i encountered recently
Atra vs L

now... we all know not to fight L... because its frustrating... but Atra (who is a jounin) and L (who has NO rank but has fought before and shown some strength) decided to fight

now this situation was going in Atras favor UNTIL Atra used shadow possesion jutsu... and L got out of it because he was too strong....

now if your THAT strong to do a whole nother jutsu while in shadow possesion then how come you struggled with atra for a whole page of posts?

power acceptance...

one last example

Zero vs Kham

now... im going to incriminate myself in this situation lets say kham and zerp do an RP race...

WE ALL KNOW THAT KHAM IS NOT FASTER THAN ZERO... but lets say kham posts that *i warp to the finish line*

kham cant warp.... and he did not accept the fact that zero is faster than him...

power acceptance

Power acceptance is a hard thing to do for some people but if you can do it it will lead to a fun un anger filled RP
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PostSubject: Re: The Classroom-Helpful Hint's on RPing   

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The Classroom-Helpful Hint's on RPing
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